"Freetimers have managed our web presence for 10 years now, and our sites have consistently delivered over that decade, despite huge changes in the market. 10 years ago we were one of 400 entries on google, today one of 750k - but still on page 1, in fact we're No 1!!. Thank You"

P Poulson, MD, Sunday Best

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I want one management system to run multiple websites...

Call Now 01604 638421Freetimers has been producing multi-site and multi-lingual website administration and CMS systems since around 2001.  If you have a complex series of websites, or a complex product database, we can set up a secure online administration system to run them all, and for products, to deliver different descriptions and prices to each website, if that is what you require.  The same principle applies to multi-lingual requirements, which can be combined with the multi-site facility.

Freetimers has also recently extended our system to accommodate the management of product feeds to Google Base and comparison sites, as well as to managing Ebay and Amazon shops/sales seamlessly with your website product databases.  Our Ebay system differentiates itself from other Ebay shop management systems specifically in that it allows easy management of products and prices for both your websites and the Ebay/Amazon shops, with equal ease and all in one place!

If any of this sounds like it is what you are looking for, don't hesitate to contact us right away! Phone 01604-638421.