“You're No 1 ! Freetimers increased traffic to our site by 1200% in the first year" "When we came to Freetimers we were nowhere on the search engines. Now we are one of the top marinas and our narrowboat sales have hugely increased. To date the traffic improvement to our site is approaching 2000%."

S Woodward, MD, Trinity Marinas

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Current Referring Content (CRC) Marketing

Call Now 01604 628429 Current Referring Content (CRC) MarketingOne of the more significant changes made by Google in the last two major updates to its ranking algorithm, was to make the currency and volume of off-site content referring to your website more important. Freetimers calls this by the generic term we invented “current referring content” and basically includes anything on the internet that points at your website, usually involving a link.

Google’s thinking, we believe, is that if there is content off your website that refers to your website, that in some way is symbolic of how important your site is. The more referring content, the more important. This is not all however, because Google also wants to see this referring content being reproduced each month. The rate of this “churn” of new referring content production is a measure of whether the influence of your site is growing or waning, and in Googles’ terms, will be reflected in an increasing or decreasing ability of your site to rank highly for any given search phrase.

What also needs to be remembered is that CRC is only a part of Google’s ranking system, but it is an important and growing part. This also means that if your competitors are building up CRC to their site, to compete you may have to as well.

Current Referring Content literally could be anything that refers/links to your website, including blog postings, social media, articles, forum postings, video and much more.

Freetimers can assist in all these areas and help assess which types of CRC will provide the greatest strategic benefit for you. We can also implement anything needed either with specific budgets, or with a flexible budget that allows us to alter the volume, targets and mix of what is done for you.

To find out more about how Freetimers can help you with CRC, or with an inclusive web marketing service, contact us today on 01604 628429.