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Remain Competitive with Design and Development

Websites change and evolve over time and for many businesses its not just a case of creating a website and leaving it be.

A high quality design that’s suited to your audience’s needs and interests is always important but so too is the functionality of the website. If your website does not meet your audience’s requirements because it’s difficult to navigate, lacking important applications or it is merely outdated then you may lose those prospective customers to competitors.

Professional website developers can ensure that your site is functioning well, but they can also develop your website and your businesses further with new applications and systems that improve user experience (UX) for your visitors.

Off-the-shelf applications and systems will often only take a business so far, and professional developers can give a business more control over their website, offering custom-made applications that are solely created with their businesses and target audience in mind. Developers are not to be confused with designers, but they both play important roles in the development and ongoing maintenance of a website.

With a tailored design and development solution, a business can not only maintain their competitiveness, but they can lead the way with modern website functionality as well as bespoke applications and designs that are cleverly created to turn visitors into customers.

Phased Web Development for Continued Success

A phased approach to website development can be beneficial for businesses looking to grow steadily over time, potentially meaning they can use any feedback from customers to make informed decisions on improvement.

With phased website development, a business can carefully consider and prioritise any improvements to the functionality of their website, and they can make the improvements gradually over time.

Phased website development doesn’t necessarily mean that substantial changes are never made to a website; it merely means that avenues are considered carefully, using relevant customer feedback to make informed business decisions, rather than opting to try and make the perfect website in a small space of time.

Freetimers has helped a range of businesses from different backgrounds improve their website and their website’s performance over time with a phased approach to website development and we can steadily incorporate changes if and when they become a priority.

If you want to significantly improve your website over time, making the right decisions at the right time with a team of experienced website developers, then get in touch with Freetimers today on 01604 638421.

Maintaining Competitiveness with Website Development

Website development can continuously improve a website’s performance, functionality and ultimately user experience (UX). Without effective website development, a business may be unable to meet the needs of their target audience, which can potentially reduce enquiries and sales.

Website development is a must for maintaining competitiveness, and a website should always be given time to evolve, and Freetimers can make sure your website is working in every department.

We have a team of in-house website developers who are able to target areas of your website that require improvement and provide solutions to improve your user experience (UX). Our team currently undertake development in the most important and widely used programming languages.

To find out more about our web development services and to see how they can help your website evolve, and potentially attract more customers in the process, contact Freetimers today on 0800 970 1100.

Improve performance and ignore off-the-shelf ecommerce systems

To make sure your competitors do not get the better of you, overlook off-the-shelf ecommerce systems and opt for a true multi-channel online management system, one that is tailored to suit your business needs and deliver enormous efficiencies to your operations.

For businesses that actively trade online, it is becoming increasingly known that a stylish website with low prices is not guaranteed to bring success. Today a company’s operation has to be efficient. Every business has a different ecommerce operation, and to make sure your business is run the way you want it to be, a system should be built to your own requirements.

Freetimers are experts when it comes to assisting businesses and helping them make huge strides. Standard packages can force you to work in a particular manner, which is occasionally the same way as your competition, but with a specially made multi-channel system; customers will see a significant difference. Not only can Freetimers build a system with an integrated central inventory, as well as a financial and management information system (MIS), but it can also be developed with online stores such as Ebay and Amazon.

Gaining an understanding on your business and the way its run is fundamental, and it’s something that off-the-shelf systems will never afford. So make sure you boost your business and ultimately beat your competition while maximising your return on investment (ROI) with an agency that’s been building businesses for more than 15 years.

Using Ebay and Amazon shops to your business’s advantage

With Ebay and Amazon battling it out for top spot when it comes to ecommerce, you can understand why so many retailers have decided to create Ebay and Amazon shops, and if you want to follow suit and expand your business, Freetimers can help.

Upon receiving many requests from clients and potential clients, we created our own fully integrated management system, one that stands tall above other systems available on the market. It is designed to accommodate the needs of any growing business, and no matter what retail channels are being used, whether it’s Ebay, Amazon or Google Shopping, details can be changed in an instance, rather than changing each products for each channel separately.

It must be said that Freetimers do not only provide a market leading product that saves businesses lots of time, we also make sure your website works well together with your online retail store. An example of this is through the use of our Ebay shop design service, which delivers consistency.

Then again, for Freetimers, it’s not just about getting you up and running with your own retail store. It’s about enhancing your Ebay, Amazon, and Google Shopping presence, and making sure we do all we can to help you attract more customers and ultimately generate more sales.

It’s clear to see that Ebay and Amazon, amongst other leading online companies, are not going away, and if you are keen on taking the next steps in expanding your business, alongside an experienced team, then Freetimers are here to contribute to your success.

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