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Infinite Scrolling Websites built for Touch Screen Devices

Infinite scrolling (also known as endless or continuous scrolling) is a trend that’s becoming more popular on the internet but that does not always mean it can work effectively for business websites.

Popular touch screen devices such as tablets, mobile phones and eBook readers can have difficulties accessing elements of a website if it is not optimised for touch screen devices.  Infinite scrolling can be used to help a visitor (using a touch screen device) glide through a website’s content effortlessly without having to switch to different pages to find the information they are looking for.

It can, however, be important to understand the types of individuals visiting your website before you consider incorporating an infinite scroll design because you may find that it is not relevant for your target audience. For example, an easy-to-navigate website with various pages organising the content may be more effective in terms of influencing action from your visitors.

Freetimers has designed a wide range of websites incorporating various designs for different purposes, and our team can create bespoke websites from scratch; based around the targets of increasing sales, conversion and maximising return on investment (ROI).  To find out more and discuss what Freetimers can do for you and your business, contact our team today on 01604 638421.