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Maintain your Website with an easy-to-use CMS

When a website is created, it should ideally be as easy-to-use as it possibly can be, because every business should have full control over their website content.

Content management software can allow website owners to upload their new content simply, perhaps adding pages, news items and new products which can essentially help businesses keep their website fresh with regular content. There are a wide range of content management systems out there on the market, yet not all have the capabilities to customise, change and expand.

Every business is different and so too are their websites; some may be simple brochure style websites while others could be complex ecommerce websites, and a CMS should be suited to a business and their needs.

Freetimers has their own content management software and we can provide our clients with a range of options, depending on their website requirements. Some of our clients have opted to integrate Ebay and Amazon shops with their ecommerce website, and our CMS ensures their products and prices are changed quickly, across all of their ecommerce channels.

Our system is built with versatility and simplicity in mind and a wide range of our clients are now benefiting from our easy-to-use CMS system. If you want full control over your website with a content management system that’s built for expansion, then get in touch with Freetimers today on 01604 638421