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Choosing the Right Domain Name

Domain names can be a lot more important than some may think. They do not only represent your internet identity and affect how people view your website; they also appear in the search engines when a potential customer searches for your products or services.

Some of the most effective domain names are the ones that are easy to remember, and finding a domain name that suits your business’s brand is becoming more and more difficult, largely due to the competition that individuals and businesses now face for obtaining domain names.

Freetimers has been helping clients purchase the main international domains such as .com, .org and .net (and now .info and .biz), as well as the UK equivalents, and There are also a host of other foreign domains that can help your business protect brands and market their products and services abroad. Freetimers can advise you on the requirements for a specific domain and liaise on your behalf with the country’s registrar to acquire that name.

We can help your business set up a domain that works for your business, while we can also offer web hosting at very reasonable prices. To find out about your online potential, get in touch with Freetimers today on 0800 970 1100.