Freetimers Blog » Digital sales break £1bn barrier

Digital sales break £1bn barrier

The number of music, film and game downloads reached £1bn
last year, making 2012 the most profitable year for the digital entertainment

The gaming sector dominated the market with a massive
£552m spent on downloads, whilst music came second with £383m. Although the
lowest share of the market with £98m, film downloads saw the biggest growth
from 2011 (20%).

Overall, download sales increased by 11.4% last year
meaning that one quarter of entertainment market sales is now digital.

“The increase in downloads combined with the massive
popularity of gaming comes as no surprise to those of us who work in the IT
industry,” comments Greg Poulson of Freetimers. “Unfortunately, whilst this is
good news for the digital industry, there are casualties such as high street
retailers and national chains like Blockbusters.”