Freetimers Blog » 5G research centre gets major funding grant

5G research centre gets major funding grant

Despite 4G mobile technology only just being launched in the UK (on Tuesday 30th
October) experts at Surrey University are already working towards developing
5G, which they believe will be available in 2020.

The university’s Centre for Communications System Research has just received
a £35m from mobile operators, infrastructure providers and the UK Research
Partnership Investment Fund to fund research into 5G, which will be used to
create a 5G Innovation Centre.

Rahim Tafozolli – professor of mobile wireless communications and the
director of Surrey University’s Centre for Communications Systems Research, said
“The boundaries between mobile communication and the internet are
blurring, so the fifth generation is internet on the move,”

“It looks like every year the traffic (from mobile sources)
is doubling. Unfortunately capacity is not doubling every year. We need to come
up with technology, within the limited radio spectrum that we have, to
accommodate this huge surge.”

“What we have is good for the next 10 years. We need to be progressive,
we can’t be complacent, the area is extremely dynamic.”